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[Trade Journal]

Publication: Moderator-Topics

Lansing, MI, United States
vol. 24, no. 14, p. 268, col. 1-3

"Tube City."

McKeesport, Pa., Nov. 27      1903.

This week's institute work is in the "Tube City' 15 miles out of Pittsburg on the Monongahela river. It is a thrifty, lively, busy, dirty, smoky, jolly, knobby city of 40,000 people. It makes more gas and sewer pipes than any other city in the world. It's immense factory in this line employs 2,000 men. Then there are tin plate mills, wire works, steel mills and all such things, so that the sun is even darkened, and the blasts from the furnace constantly illume the night clouds of smoke and vapor. The bulk of the city lies in the forks of the Youghingheny (Yock-y-gang) and Monongehela. It has outgrown the bottoms and spread out over the hills and valleys collateral thereto. Here Washington crossed to the famous Braddock fight. What a change in the land since that stirring time! What wealth here! Last week a fleet of barges took advantage of high water in the river and started on their long trip down the Mississippi valley with five and one-half million bushels of soft coal. Youngsters, get out your pencils and figure out how many tons this would make at 28 pounds to the bushel. They do say that this same Monongahela has the greatest tonnage of any river of the