Akron H-P takes over the Barberton Pottery

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 49, no. 17, p. 703, col. 1


AKRON, OHIO. -- A company to manufacture insulators for all kinds of electrical goods has been incorporated at Columbus with a capital stock of $1,000. The company will be known as the Akron High Potential Porcelain Company, and the incorporators are: M. Otis Hower, George H. Kile, Samuel Kile, A. L. Dyke and H. E. Andress. The company will start operations at once, having purchased the plant of the Barberton Pottery Company. The interior of the building has been remodeled and new machinery installed. Officers have not yet been elected.


Keywords:Akron Hi-Potential Porcelain Company
Researcher notes:The official name does not spell out "High" instead it is "Hi".
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