R. Hemingray & Co. are prepared to furnish goods for a liberal patronage


Publication: Nashville Union and American

Nashville, TN, United States
no. 19, p. 4, col. 1

By reference to their card, it will be seen that R. Hemingray & Co., of Cincinnati, Ohio, (the only manufacturers of such wares in the South or West, and who sell more than any establishment in Pittsburgh), are now prepared to furnish all kinds of flint, green and black glass, fruit jars, lamps, and every other article in that line, at such prices as to induce the trade to give them a liberal patronage. It is no disparagement to others to state that this manufacturing establishment are not slow to seize upon and introduce every improvement that can be had. They are are energetic, thorough-going and liberal men, and by close attention to business and keeping their machinery running all the while, they intend to meet all demands upon their stock. We are glad to commend them to the trade throughout our country.


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