Proper New Year's Presents; an oil lamp from Hemingray among listed items


Publication: The Penny Press

Cincinnati, OH, United States
vol. 2, no. 113, p. 2, col. 2

Proper New Year Presents.

A copy of the PENNY PRESS for a year paid in advance. A coal burning cooking-stove, a toy one, full trimmed, purchased of Adams Peckover; or of Chamberlain & Co. Lamps and cans of coal oil from Gray, Hemingray & Bros. A sewing-machine, just such a one as one of us purchased for his wife; a few more left at Ladd, Webster & Co.'s; or one of Moore's $30 ones at Bartman's or the excelsior Wheeler & Wilson, at Sumner & Co.'s, Opera-house building; or the popular Grover & Baker, No. 58 West Fourth-street. Perfumery and fancy goods from Henry David. A side saddle, buffalo robe, or well-made trunk of D. S. Carrick's. Pairs of John Cahill's women's pegged goat boots. Rich dry goods at Charles S. Weatherby's, No. 112 Fifth-street. Trimmed laced sets, collars, elegant silks and robes, at Deland, Gossage & Cuyler's, No. 74 West Fourth-street. A year's engagement for supplies of choice table butter. Silverware the fanciful and useful watches and fancy goods, on Fourth-street, of Beggs & Smith, on our left; or of H. P. Elias, on our right; or on Fifth-street at E. & D. Kinsey's. Ladies' and children's furs, at C. B. Camp & Co.'s, opposite the Burnet Home. For bargains in cloaks, mourning goods and dress trimmings, call on H. C. Gilbert, assignee, at Lewis's stand, on Fourth-street, opposite the Postoffice.

For odorless and brilliant paraffine oils the true Excelsiors apply to Haskin, or Hodges, No. 97 Walnut-street. For bargains in fine gold watches, tea-sets, silverware, jewelry, knives, forks and spoons, call on William Owens, north-west corner of Fourth and Main-streets. For dress hats and new style caps, consult your taste at J. C. Towers & Co.'s, No. 119 Main-street, or at Dodd's, 144 Main-street. For ribbons, feathers and winter millinery, at Webb's, 154 Fifth. John D. Park, Fourth and Walnut, will open a rich magazine of beauties and curiosities. Call, also, on D. K. Cady, old stand. The auctioneers are busy selling articles suitable for New Year presents; Graff has furs and paintings; Hubbard has books and stationery; Miles an assortment of jewelry. Brashears, Kellogg, Cooper & Stokes, have their sales-rooms crowded. The oyster trade has not been injured by the speech of Governor Wise. Todd answers for the magnum bonum; Cavagna for the delicious; Owing for the farrows; Booking for plantations; Nairn for the Mammoth. Orr, of all kinds fresh, can, keg and shell. Maltby's or spiced, cove or piokled; and if you would have them cooked, go to Oriental Exchange, or at Philadelphia Saloon, as you like. Brachman furnishes pure wine, liquors of a stronger kind, tobacco and cigars. The Daguerreotype galleries will be sure to work all day (and, if they could, all night) to furnish your likeness for case, locket, finger-ring, breast-pin or bracelet See the cards of our advertisers' bee-hive gallery, Fifth and Western-row. It is your policy to insure for the year. Look over the long list of insurance office cards in our columns and select for yourselves. For new sets of teeth call on Hunter or Taft For a new suit, to McElevy, Ogden & See, or Sprague & Co.


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