Hemingray may move to Los Angeles


Publication: The Los Angeles Herald

Los Angeles, CA, United States
vol. 34, no. 27, p. 6, col. 2


A Meeting of the Directors Held



A meeting of the directors of the Chamber of Commerce was held yesterday to consider the advisability of taking under the immediate charge of the chamber the agricultural display of the sixth agricultural district of the state. After discussion the whole matter was referred to the president and secretary of the chamber, with power to act.

A number of visitors registered at the chamber yesterday as usual.

The following donation were reported:

H. Reif Snyder, Fruitland, egg-plant, peaches and tomatoes; N. Cochems, Antelope valley, muscat grapes; H. Churchman, Whittier, sinasina tree of South America; J. M. Stewart, Los Angeles, pampus plumes; J. B. Wilson, Lamanda Park, water fern; F. Conant, Compton, 127 pound pumpkin; L. T. Garnsey, peaches raised on the Lankerhim ranch.

H. D. Percival, M. D., of Covington, Kentucky, is in the city and has paid a visit to the chamber. He is sent here by a heavy corporation at Covington engaged in the manufacture of glass. If he can find land suitable to his purpose and a supply of natural gas, a factory will be set up which will employ seven hundred hands.


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