Dan Hemingray returns from his trip to Europe, stopped in Spain to learn about onions


Publication: The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati, OH, United States
vol. 65, no. 272, p. 5, col. 3


For Bravery Is Due

Dan Hemingray, the Noted

Ohio Glass Maker.

What Cares He for Death

if He Gains Tips

On How To Grow the Tear-

Letting Spanish Onion?

Buckeye Manufacturer Has a

Tooth For the Fragrant

Tuber and Hiked

To Spain.


New York, September 27. Dan Hemingray, the great glassmaker of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, has reached New York after three months' sojourn in Europe. His trip across the ocean with Mrs. Hemingray was as a matter of rest. Dan comes back looking like a full-fledged winner, ready to do battle in any kind of athletic contest. He spent a great deal of time in Ireland. A lot of people do not believe it, but that is where the Hemingrays got their stability. Then he and Mrs. Hemingray viewed a whole lot of other places. This is a secret, and it is supposed that he would not want it generally known, but Mr. Hemingray went over into Spain. His object in looking that nation over was for the purpose of ascertaining just how Spanish onions are grown. Mr. Hemingray is very fond of Spanish onions.

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