William Hemingray made assignment [ad]


Publication: The Daily Pittsburgh Gazette

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 5, no. 283, p. 2, col. 5


WHEREAS, William Hemingray, of the City of Pittsburgh did, on the eighteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight, execute unto Thomas Dixon, voluntary assignment of his effects, &c., for the benefit of his creditors; which assignment contains a provision for a class of creditors who shall execute a release to the said William Hemingray in sixty days from the date thereof. Notice is hereby given that said assignment and release may be seen at the house of the subscriber, Smithfield street.

All persons having accounts with the said Hemingray are requested to call and settle the same with as little delay as possible.

                                                        THOMAS DIXON.



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