New American Insulator Co. insulator shown in exhibition

Independent Telephone Association Fourth Annual Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephone Magazine

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 15, no. 105, p. 239, col. 1

THE McIntosh-Huntington Company, a large Cleveland concern, made an exhibit jointly with the Ericsson Telephone Company of its several telephone specialties, which it handles, including Roebling cables, McIntosh sound-proof booths, Stambaugh land anchors and a complete line of construction tools. A new glass insulating tube, brought out by the American Insulator Company, was shown the first time. It is designed to pass thru a hole in the center of the cross-arm, which does not weaken the arm nearly as much as the pinholes. It does, of course, do away with the ordinary pin insulator.


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