Foley to replace Morgan as Police Commissioner


Publication: The Cincinnati Daily Enquirer

Cincinnati, OH, United States
vol. 44, no. 334, p. 4, col. 2


A Gentleman Who May Wear Bob

Morgan's Shoes.


Said a gentleman yesterday who is well informed to political matters: "Major James L. Foley, I think, will be Bob Morgan's successor as Police Commissioner, or I shall miss my guess. That is, he can have the position if he wants it. Major Foley is manager of the Hemingray Glass Works, and is one of the most popular men in the city. He served on the Republican Campaign Committee with George Cox, and is a political friend of that gentleman, who, I hear, has recommended his appointment to the Governor. Foley had charge of the Republican finances during the campaign, and earned recognition at the hands of his party. His principle opponent for the place is Captain Tucker. Geo. Cox will not have the place, and neither will Henry Ziegler."

"Who is to be your Republican colleague and Bob Morgan's successor as Police Commissioner, Mr. Geo. Topp?"

"I do not know, I am sure; but I know who I would like to see appointed."

"Name him, Mr. Topp."

"His name is Foley Major James Foley. He is very highly recommended, and would make an excellent Commissioner. No one would suit the better in fact, I want him as my colleague."

"Will he be appointed?"

"I do not know. Other candidates are being pushed vigorously."


COLUMBUS, OHIO, November 29. The Governor says to-night the only answer he can make at present is that he has appointed no one to succeed Bob Morgan, and does not yet know whom he will appoint.


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