Firebrick and porcelain insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review

London, England
vol. 47, p. 1345, col. 2


N.B.—The prices given below cannot be taken as a guide to market quotations, as in the majority of cases they are regulated by special circumstances with regard to terms, qualities, carriage, and returned empties.


Australian Government Contracts.—Post and Telegraph: New Brunswick Brick & Pottery Co., 5,000 glazed earthenware pipes, ls. 7 1/2d. each: Firebrick Insulator Co., 86,000 “A” insulators for four States. £2,866 13s. 4d. (W.T.). Works: A G. Way & Co., sanitary pans. 10s. each; Aust. Porcelain Co., 12,500 insulators, £2.474 (W.T.). NOTE—(W.T.) without tenders being invited.


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