Virginia Potteries Co. organized and acquires Consumers Insulator Co.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Manufacturers Record

Baltimore, MD, United States
vol. 70, no. 18, p. 48, col. 2

To Manufacture Porcelain Products.


All classes of porcelain, including high-tension insulators and other electrical supplies, also fireproof cooking ware, will be manufactured at Dunbar, W. Va., and New Lexington, O., by the Virginian Potteries Co. This is a new corporation chartered with a capital stock of $300,000 by L. E. Holderman of New Lexington, W. E. Abbott, Herbert Frankenberger, L. E. Poteet and F. S. Rodes of Charleston, W. Va. It acquires the Consumers' Insulator Co., with plant at New Lexington, and will build a plant at Dunbar. Plans and specifications are now being prepared for the Dunbar factory, which will include 12 kilns, with accompanying facilities, on a five-acre site. Offices have been established at Charleston.


Keywords:Consumers Insulator Company : New Lexington High Voltage Porcelain Company : Virginia Potteries Company
Researcher notes:The actual name was Virginia Potteries Co. No factory was ever built at Dunbar.
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