Harloe Self-Tying Insulator Co. factories


Publication: Wayne County Herald

PA, United States

The Harloe Self-tying Insulator Co. is doing a thriving business. They have two large factories in operation turning out their much called for and labor saving device. A factory at Schenectady, N. Y., has an order for 100,000 porcelain insulaors. The factory situated in Elmer, N. J., has a like order but the insulators in this place are being made of glass.

Keywords:Harloe Self-Tying Insulator Company : U-184 : CD 109.5 : CD 206.5
Researcher notes:Article was found by John Serniak. The article indicates the porcelain U-184 was made by General Electric and the glass CD 109.5 and CD 206.5 were made at the Elmer plant.
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Researcher:Elton Gish
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