Plan to use closed California Glass Insulator Co. factory for glass coffin manufacture


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Long Beach.





Old Officials Resign One at a Time

and Appoint New Members According

to Election Results -- High

School Pageant Again Successfully



LONG BEACH, May 21. -- Fearing that their seats might be contested by some person because they were not elected on the date specified in the charter, members of the new Board of Education today took unusual precautions to remain in office. Setting at naught the opinion of the City Attorney that they were legally elected, they secured the aid of the old board in their dilemma. Members of the retiring board resigned, one at a time, and after each resignation the remaining members elected one of the new board. In this way a new board was created by appointment, and their seats were assured.

Edward H. Wallace first resigned when the old board met for the last time. Dr. G. H. Galbraith was then appointed in his place. Then came the resignation of Attorney H. M. Haskell and the appointment of Dr. L. P. Crutcher. This procedure was followed until Judge Underwood and Mrs. June MacNee were also appointed by vote of the members. E. E. Buffum, the only member of the old board to be re-elected stood with the members of the new board to take the oath of office.


Immensely successful was the second presentation of the pageant drama, produced by High School students at Bixby Park. Today the brilliant historical show was advertised by word of mouth until tonight people were turned away at the gates, and about 3000 took seats in the stands erected before the sylvan stage. The 1200 young actors and actresses again produced a faultless performance.

Miss Ruth Miller, whose photograph, posed as she went through the mazes of the "Dance to the Sun God," incurred the displeasure of the pageant board, appeared in the dance, but with an additional leopard skin, and her nether limbs clothed in tights. The school authorities decided to allow the dance with these additions. Miss Miller's performance was very credible.


L. Pietro, arrested at the instance of his wife, who charged that he attempted to poison their 2-year-old babe, was examined before Justice Underwood today and held for arraignment Thursday. Although he is rated as well-to-do, Pietro was unable to find bail in the sum of $2000. The husband states that the case is a "frame-up" on the part of his wife, who is endeavoring to obtain a divorce. The police say that they found that the child, before being taken sick, was playing with a long spool, in which had been placed red vermillion paint. Pietro is said to have admitted that he gave the babe the spool to play with, but he denies knowledge of the presence of any deleterious material in the plaything.

A plan is being worked out for the manufacture of glass coffins at the plant of the California Glass Insulator Company, now closed down, Secretary Steepleton of the M. & M., stated today that capitalists had approached him with the project of the manufacture of glass burial cases, which he declared were the coffins of the future, and were displacing the old wood and metal affairs as the mausoleums were displacing the cemeteries.

News of the secret marriage of Miss Jennie Yankee, auditor of the Mercantile Company, and Elmer Hooten, stepson of B. F. Tucker, cashier of the city National Bank, three months ago in Santa Clara county, just leaked out today. In March Miss Yankee went to visit the San Francisco Exposition. She had been corresponding frequently with Mr. Hooten, who is a student at the summer school of the University of California. She dropped off at Palo Alto, and, rejoined by the student, they were united by a clergyman in that town. Miss Yankee has been working in the big store as usual and Hooten is still at his studies.

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