California Glass Insulator Company Incorporates


Publication: The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles, CA, United States
p. 6, col. 2-3

INCORPORATIONS. Articles of incorporation were filed yesterday by the Mt. Vernon Grove Company, capital stock, $100,000, incorporators W. A. Salmon, R. E. Robinson, C. E. Lewis, F. M. Ordway, W. W. Patterson, A. E. J. Roby and E. H. Kincaid, subscribed, $17,500; California Glass Insulator Company, capital stock, $300,000, incorporators Jules Kauffman, Arthur G. Munn, E. H. Fosdick, John Morris, John G. Orth, J. M. Waterman and Stanley S. Stonaker, subscribed, $7; Iowa Water Company, capital stock, $79,600, incorporators, C. H. Kegley, M. J. Nolan, Joseph Harker, J. D. Simpson and E. . Cook, subscribed, $50.

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