Railroad Spur Line removed that used to serve California Glass Insulator Co.

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Publication: Public Utilities Reports Annotated

Rochester, NY, United States
p. 943,1022, col. 1


IX. Street Railways.*

Street railways.


California. East San Diego v. San Diego Electric B. Co. Decision No. 4959, Case No. 1145, Dec. 13, 1917, order authorizing defendant to lay at University avenue in the city of East San Diego, 1 mile of 100-pound rails at certain specified points.

Re Pacific Electric E. Co. Decision No. 5173, Application No. 3556, March 2, 1918, order authorizing the relocation of Third street line in the city of San Bernardino by abandoning tracks on Third street from a point 262.74 feet east of the center line of "K" street to Mount Vernon avenue and on Mount Vernon avenue from Third street to a point 176.17 feet south of the center line of Broadway, and constructing in lieu thereof a track on New Third street, San Bernardino, from a point 262.74 feet east of the center line of "K" street to a connection with its tracks in Mount Vernon avenue, south of the center line of Broadway.

Re Pacific Electric R. Co. Decision No. 5247, Application No. 3564, March 28, 1918, order granting permission to abandon and remove a spur track which was installed for the purpose of serving the plant of the California Glass Insulator Company at the station of Gaspur on the Long Beach-Wilmington line.


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