Equipment from California Glass Insulator Co. to be removed


Publication: San Pedro Daily News

San Pedro, CA, United States
vol. 13, no. 310, p. 1, col. 6-7




Four Acres Secured in Pacific Avenue as

Site for the Latest Factory Assured to

the Harbor -- Long Beach Plant is Being

Dismantled to be Removed to Here.

Immediately following the destruction of the plant of the California Glass Insulator Company built and operated some years ago, between Wilmington and Long Beach, but idle for sometime, the machinery and material will be brought to a site adjacent to and south of that of American Trona Company where between four and five acres will be utilized for one of the most elaborate and perfect glass institutions in California.

The plant will be that of the Pacific Glass Casket Company, a corporation recently formed largely by men from the East, which for sometime has been seeking a location about the harbor district.

The officers of the company are W. L. Des Noyers, president; Z. W. De Camp, vice president: and W. L. Peck, secretary and treasurer. The manager is Mr. J. A. Branegan who is now superintending the tearing down of the machinery at Long Beach and who will within a few days leave for the East where orders will be placed for immediate delivery of the additional machinery necessary for the equipment of the model plant here. Mr. Branegan has expressed his supreme satisfaction with the opportunities offered in San Pedro. All his life he has been connected with glass manufacture, not only in this country, but as well in Germany and Belgium, and brings to the new concern an experience which will result in its taking a high rank from the very first.

The selection of the site on Pacific avenue and immediately adjoining the Trona plant is due in part to the fact that the soda needed will be had from that company.

It is said by officers of the company that the finest grade of silica sand has been located in Santa Barbara county, sand from which it is possible to manufacture glass of the quality needed for lenses and other of the highest grade products.

Not only are these ingredients convenient with the location at the harbor considered as of the very highest advantage, but it is said that the climatic conditions have had a great deal to do with the selection of the local location.

The company already has begun the gathering of its technical force, a son of the president being now in San Pedro assisting in the tearing down of the old plant and preparing plans for the laboratory of the new one to which he will devote his principal attention. The officers of the company are all eastern men, the president coming from St. Louis and making his home at present in Pasadena and it is said that the company, whose capital stock is $50,000 has been fully financed for all of its activity here.

The burial casket made of glass is now being used at many points in the East where factories are in operation. The local company has the rights to the entire Pacific Coast, offering a wide field for its product. In addition the plant will make not only lenses and similar things hut as well electric globes, exhibition bottles and all the products into which must enter a flint glass of utmost clarity and density.

The actual construction is not expected to begin until the return of Mr. Branegan which will be from the middle to the latter part of May, but it is expected by the first of July the first unit will be in operation and that construction will proceed along with the manufacture which is made possible by the installation of the machinery now being brought over from Long Beach.

It is the expectation of the company that with business developments within a couple of years, from four to five hundred men will be employed in the plant. The men most interested in this matter say that nowhere along the coast have they found the same conditions as here.

In most eastern plants it is necessary to shut down a couple of months during the hot weather, and frequently for a month during the extremely cold weather. The officers believe the San Pedro plant will be able to work every day in the year, because of the cool and practically constant sea breezes at this point.

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