California Glass Insulator Co. running full blast


Publication: The Los Angeles Herald

Los Angeles, CA, United States
vol. 39, no. 286, p. 16, col. 3

California Glass

Insulator Company

Running Full Blast

With a crew of eighty skilled workmen tolling night and day, the California Glass Insulator company of Long Beach is running at full capacity to turn out orders of telegraph insulators for the Southern Pacific railroad, the Western Union Telegraph company, Sierra Power company and other large western concerns. An order of 5,000,000 insulators is to be filled for the Pacific States Electric company this year, and the same number annually for five- years, the total representing $1,500,000.

President Arthur G. Munn has issued an invitation to the public to go down to the factory at the company’s expense Thursday afternoon and Friday evening to see the old-fashioned glass blowing methods contrasted with the modern big capacity machines way of manufacturing glass Insulators and bottles. An experienced guide will be in the factory to show visitors through, explaining the details of manufacture.

The California Glass Insulator company is the only concern of its kind in the west, and is now not alone supplying insulators to all the big electrical concerns on the Pacific coast, but has developed considerable trade with Manila and China. There has been $260,000 invested in the plant, and from present indications demand for glass bottles, fruit and milk jars will necessitate enlarging the factory.

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