Stanley Stonaker visits harbor district for new factory


Publication: The Los Angeles Herald

Los Angeles, CA, United States
vol. 37, no. 362, p. 10, col. 2


LONG BEACH, Sept. 27. — Clyde Allen, the sixth man offered a job of patrolman on the local police force, accepted the place this morning. P. E. Week, general freight agent of the Pacific Electric, and Stanley Stonaker, secretary of the California Glass Insulator company, visited the inner harbor today to inspect the site of the new glass factory which will be erected there. One of the conditions upon which the company agreed to locate here was the construction of a spur track to the factory. Gordon O. Latham, who for thirty years was a scout, hunter and rancher in Wyoming during that state’s wildest history, is a visitor here and says he expects to spend the remainder of his life here. A runaway horse which became frightened at a slipping yoke and which had got beyond the control of the driver on Pine avenue was stopped last night by Patrolman Raney.

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