Anacortes makes jars for Salmon


Publication: The Hutchinson Wholesaler

Huthcinson, KS, United States
vol. 6, no. 1, p. 19, col. 2



Tin cans as a method of packing salmon may have to divide the field with glass jars in the near future, according to Coast advices, if experiments being conducted at he plant of the Anacortes Glass Co., at Anacortes, Washington, prove successful. By a patented process samples of glass salmon jars are being turned out by the Anacortes plant and if they meet the requirements it is thought the glass receptacles will at once come into demand. The glass is made by a new process, which makes it more durable than the ordinary product, and the men behind the invention decare [sic] declare that it will stand the cooking process, which the salmon go through after being packed, without breaking.

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