Anacortes is making fruit jars

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, OH, United States
vol. 3, no. 2, p. 37, col. 1-2



By Frank J. Curran.


Ever since the 29th of last June we have been out here in Anacortes employed by the Anacortes Glass Co. After some five weeks' work on half gallons and quarts fruit jars this plant closed down, to remodel, also to install other facilities that were needed, also to build a mould room, but up to this present time we haven't any definite news to to when this factory will start up. We must admit that this is a sure and prosperous location, out in this Northwest, for a glass factory. Shipping by rail or water, limerock for the main material is located upon the islands for miles and miles, with oil for fuel. Now, we as faithful Flint members were promised by Manager McKay steady work, and when he shut down this plant there were orders on file yet to be made. Anacortes, being a peninsula, is surrounded by water; population 6,000, and the main industries are fish canneries, shingle mills, lumber mills and box factory, and one of the best landing docks for miles around the coast. The politics here at large is mostly Socialist. Here is hoping they win out, T. W. If there should be any good news you may add to this, kindly do so. Yours in labor.


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