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1. One of the Seven Anacortes Salmon Canneries. 2. Millions of Feet of Saw Logs in Anacortes Harbor. 3. Nearly One Hundred Thousand Salmon at an Anacortes Cannery. 4. One of the Codfish Curing Plants in Anacortes. 5. One of the Fourteen Timber Industries at Anacortes.


Anacortes, Washington

"The Gloucester of the Pacific"

With deep water harbor advantages of the first class and with six miles of tidewater shore line, the city of Anacortes, seventy four miles north from Seattle, has become one of the industrial marvels of the West. Although having at present a population of less than 7,000, the city is already a potent factor in the manufacturing world of the Pacific Coast and is the heart and center of the Puget Sound salmon and Alaska cod fisheries.

Anacortes is the greatest salmon canning center in the world, having six salmon canneries in the city and one on the neighboring island of Sinclair, with a total of nineteen lines of salmon canning machinery, an aggregate daily capacity of 20,000 48-pound cases of canned salmon, having a present market value of about $120,000 and employing at least 2,000 persons. The canning season lasts from May till November. Five varieties of salmon are canned during that time springs, sockeyes, silvers, humpbacks and chums.

The sockeye is the great commercial food fish and he appears in immense numbers from the depths of the ocean every fourth year, and 1909 is a fourth year. All the Anacortes canneries will be in full operation throughout the summer and visitors to the A.-Y.-P. Exposition should witness this, one of the most extraordinary industries in the world. There are fresh salmon shipping and mild-curing establishmens [sic] establishments on the waterfront of the city; the principal shrimp beds of Puget Sound and the most prolific smelt waters and sea crab grounds are within a half mile of the city.

Annacortes [sic] Anacortes is also the chief Alaska cod fish packing point on Puget Sound, one of its codfish packing establishments being the largest and best equipped on the Pacific Coast. The codfish packing houses in the city maintain four fishing vessels in Bering Sea each summer. Last year's catch aggregated 631,000 fish, 2,791,500 pounds, and 92 barrels of codfish tongues having a market value of $84,849.

Among other leading manufacturing industries are four sawmills, twelve shingle mills, two immense glue, fish oil and fertilizer factories, a glass factory, 12 tons daily capacity, an immense by-products of wood factory, two boat building and ship repairing yards, a fruit and vegetable cannery, a creamery and a cold storage plant.

The city is the metropolis and seaport of Skagit County, unquestionably the richest and most varied in resources in the entire state. Immediately tributary to the city is the famous Skagit River Delta, the greatest producer of oats and hay in America.

Anacortes is reached by rail over the Great Northern Railway and by the steamships of the Inland Navigation Company.

Anacortes is noted for its magnificent site, one of the most attractive for residence, industry and commerce. The city has excellent public schools, a modern business college, good churches and lodge organizations and excellent streets. Business streets are flanked by two miles of cement sidewalks fourteen feet wide, the residence districts by cement walks six feet wide.

Correspondence is solited [sic] solicited and futher [sic] further information will be gladly and faithfully furnished by the secretary of the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce.


A Typical Fish Trap on Puget Sound.
A Typical Fish Trap on Puget Sound.



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