New machinery installed at Anacortes Glass Co.


Publication: The Anacortes American

Anacortes, WA, United States
vol. 21, no. 29, p. 1, col. 1-6








The people of Anacortes will be pleased to learn that the Anacortes Glass Plant will begin operations on Monday morning next. E. A. MacKay, manager of the company, in an interview with a representative of the American, stated today that everything was on the ground in readiness to start the plant in motion and that men were at work connecting up the presses as rapidly as possible, so as to be in shape to begin actual manufacturing on Monday morning. For the past two months a force of men has been busily engaged in getting the plant in working order, and installing new machinery. The plant covers an area of 25,000 square feet and comprises a furnace house 60x120 feet, leahr [sic] lehr or oven house 27x70, mixing room and storage for soda ash 40x70, warehouse 60x120, in addition to which there are an engine house, blacksmith shop, crushing room and business office. The capacity of the warehouse is sufficient to store 150 cars of fruit jars, there being material enough on hand to manufacture 20,000 tons of finished product. New up-to-date machinery has been installed in the various departments of the works which are now fully equipped, at a cost of $40,000, all of which is paid for. A new rock crusher has been added recently, one machine having been installed earlier in the season and the entire floor space of the furnace house has been covered with a thick cement floor. The capacity of the plant will be 15 tons per day, three presses to work the balance of the winter on fruit jars alone, there having been a large order placed with the local company. At the present time there is also a large order on hand for various sorts of bottles. Mr. MacKay stated today that the would be able to manufacture about one hundred kinds of bottles, having moulds on hand to that extent. Today a large shipment arrived for the company consisting of moulds of all kinds and description, chemicals, tools, glass blowing machines, and materials of all sorts, valued at $4,000, being the last needed for the starting of the plant. Somewhere between here and and the East a number of carloads of material, destined for the Anacortes Glass Works, are on the road and expected to arrive within the next week or ten days, but as the glass machines, tools, and all material necessary for some time to come is on the ground, it will not delay the factory any if the cars should not arrive for a month or so.

Already some of the experienced glass blowers are on the ground who originally came from the East, but whom Mr. MacKay was fortunate enough to pick up on the coast, while others are coming from Milwaukee, Wis., and Belleville, Ind. There will be about fifty men employed in the factory until such time as the orders come in to demand an increase, when the pay roll will be increased at once. In the meantime Anacortes residents should be proud of the fact that one more industry has been added to our city.


Plant of the Anacortes Glass Co. to Begin Operations




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