Glassware made by Anacortes on display


Publication: The Anacortes American

Anacortes, WA, United States
vol. 22, no. 7, p. 1, col. 2-4

Anacortes Glass Works Making Good;

See Their Exhibit Sixth & Commercial




A booth containing glassware manufactured by the Anacortas Glass company, has been on exhibition at the corner of Sixth and Commercial avenue. all during the carnival. Among the exhibits are insulators, fruit jars, glass canes. and bottles of all sizes and description. When Manager MacKay first began building operations on the big plant many remarks were made along the lines that it never would amount to anything. but even the most skeptical must admit that it is a material fact and that it is here to stay and do business. Not a week passes by that large consignments of fruit glass jars are not shipped away to the large cities in our near vicinity and Mr. Mackay is kept busy hustling night and day to try to even begin to keep up with the demand. The first samples that were put out were not nearly as clear an article as the ones which are being produced now owing to the newness of the machinery and many other reasons, but the Anacortes Glass plant is today one of our leading industries. and one that every citizen should be proud of.

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