Crystal Glass should be running by March 1


Publication: The Daily Province

Vancouver, BC, Canada
vol. 13, p. 14, col. 3


Two New Plants Are Rapidly Being

Established in West End of City.


New Westminster, Dec. 10. -- (Special.) -- Never has New Westminster known such activity in the building of manufacturing concerns as at the present time. In the West End of the city two large factories, the Dominion Pipeworks and the Patterson Boilerworks, are in course of construction, while work will be started shortly on the fitting up of the plant of two other important industries, the crystal glassworks and the soap factory.

Work was started on the erection the new pipeworks over a week ago. A large gang of carpenters has been employed, and under its united efforts the buildings are rapidly taking shape. The floors are already completed, and the walls are being raised. The buildings will be of wood throughout, and will be of considerable extent. They will not be of an elaborate nature, and will soon be ready for the installation of the plant.

Work has been completed on the buildings for the Patterson boilerworks, and the machinery is even now being got into place. It is expected that the new plant will be in running order within a few weeks.

The crystal glass factory will probably be running gby [sic] by the 1st of March. Word was received some time ago that the machinery had been shipped to this city, and it was expected to arrive this afternoon. On its arrival it will immediately be installed in the old automatic can factory building, which has been acquired by the Glass Company.

A meeting of the promoters of the Soap Manufacturing Company will be held in the city on Saturday, and it is expected that definite arrangements will then be made for the commencement of the work of erecting the necessary buildings.

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