Crystal Glass Co. has secured the buildings for their factory


Publication: The Vancouver Daily World

Vancouver, BC, Canada
p. 7, col. 2-3






Crystal Glass Co. Has Secured

Building at Sapperton --

$38,000 Subscribed


New Westminster, Oct. 15. -- (Special) -- A meeting of the shareholders of the Chrystal [sic] Crystal Glass Co. was held in the city Saturday. The company has secured the buildings, etc., of the Automatic Can Co. at Sapperton and purposes [sic] proposes going into the manufacture of bottles for the B. C. Distillery, breweries, etc. other glass articles will also be turned out. The capital required to start the concern is $50,000, of which $38,000 has already been subscribed. The present shareholders are:

Westminster Shareholders: H. Ryall, $500; T. J. Trapp, $500; L. A. Lewis, $500; A. J. Holmes, $500; D. S. Curtis, $100; O. Coulthard, $1000; F. Howay, $100; Nels Nelson, $500; W. H. Keary, $200; G. D. Brymer, $500; total, $4400.

Victoria: Hon. F. J. Fulton, $500; L. Crease, $200; F. O'Reilly, $1000; D. G. Forbes, $1500; F. G. Vernon, $1000; W. S. Chambers, $500; total, $4700.

Winnipeg: J. Galt, $2000; D. C. Cameron, $2000; total, $4000.

Montreal: R. Davidson, $2,500.

Chilliwack: H. Hulbert, $1000.

Calgary: Calgary Brewing Co., $1000.

Vancouver: E. J. McFeely, $2000; E. Cook, $2000; Robert Martin, $4000; C. J. Peter, $500; W. White, $500; James White, $1300; R. Marpole, $500; Chas. Nelson, $500; Jonathan Rogers, $1000; H. W. Chamberlain, $100; J. J. Colcutt & Co., $100; E. D. Hudson, $200; P. M. Thompson, $500; W. B. Ferrie, $500; Mel. Campbell, $500; S. O. Richards, $500; R. R. Slade, $500; J. W. McFarland, $100; Captain Garland, $5000; O. Marstrand, $1000; total, $21,300; grand total, $38,900.

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