Hemingray plant resumes making bottles


Publication: The Muncie Morning Star

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 56, no. 335, p. 12, col. 4



Hemingray Plant Resumes

Production of Bottles.


With approximately 250 men employed, and probably fifty more added to the employment forces tomorrow morning when another unit will be opened, the Hemingray Glass Company yesterday started work on the manufacture of bottles for the new 3.2 per cent legalized beer.

A large number of orders for bottles has been received by the glass company and shipments are far behind at the present time, although the officials at the factory are making every effort to speed up production in order that the demands for bottles from various firms and breweries may be met as soon as possible.

Many Contracts Received.

Fires were placed under the tanks in preparation for the manufacture of the beer bottles several days ago when it was announced the contracts had been received. One of the officials of the factory said last night that there were enough contracts already received to insure employment for an indefinite period for from 250 to 300 men.

While this number represents much more the number that has been employed recently, it was announced all former employes would be recalled before any new men were added to the payroll. The factory will produce about 2,000 gross each day, or around 300,000 bottles daily.

"And when I say we are operating, I don't mean on a four and one-half or five day week schedule," one executive said. "We are operating three eight-hour shifts daily for the seven days each week, and we will open up another unit Thursday morning. We are far behind schedule but expect to catch up quickly and then continue operation on an even keel."

Five Machines Operating.

Five machines are already in operation, with both beer bottles and insulators being manufactured. Even in peak times the maximum employment figures for the factory is only slightly in excess of what is anticipated by the end of the week, and if the beer bottle business is as flourishing as expected, the record for employment will be far surpassed, it was indicated. The factory has been closed since November.

Some of the leading breweries in the country have placed sizable orders with the Hemingray company, and it is expected additional orders will continue to flow in as the public once more becomes "beer-minded."

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