Hemingray to begin beer bottle manufacture


Publication: The Muncie Evening Press

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 41, no. 139, p. 1, col. 5



Hemingray Co. Plans Heavy



The Hemingray Glass Company will begin manufacture of beer bottles on a full-capacity basis two weeks after clearing of the financial situation, Philip McAbee, president of the company, announced today.

Enough contracts have been received by the company to keep 200 employes working on a 24-hour schedule an indefinite time, and additional contracts doubtless will be received immediately after passage of the federal beer bill.

Contracts Now Held.

Contracts now held by the Hemingray Glass Company represent 400 or 500 cars of bottles, Mr. McAbee said. Breweries purchasing the bottles are established companies prepared for immediate operation. Most shipments will be made within a radius of 250 miles, to brewers in Milwaukee, Chicago, Louisville and Cincinnati.

Operations will not be started immediately because of the difficulty of cashing checks and bank drafts, Mr. McAbee explained. He said the company could not begin full-time manufacture so long as bank withdrawals are limited to five per cent of the total deposit.

The two-weeks' delay which will follow clearing of the financial situation will be made necessary by the time required for melting glass in the big Hemingray tanks. The glass becomes molten, and ready to be poured into moulds, about two weeks after the fires are lighted.

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