Anacortes Glass to employ 100 men


Publication: The Anacortes American

Anacortes, WA, United States
vol. 20, no. 36, p. 4, col. 2



Significant of a year of prosperity and growth for Anacortes are the improvements by the Anacortes Lumber & Box company‘s plant and the beginning of operations by the Anacortes Glass company. The Anacortes Lumber & Box company have let the contract for driving about 1400 piles, 400 of which will go into the new freight and passenger dock. The Rodgers Lumber company has installed machinery costing thousands of dollars and will begin work with 300 men in their employ. The glass factory will employ fully 100 men and will add a large measure of wealth to the city as their processes take materials from Orcas island which costs $2.50 per ton and manufacture them into a finished product which sells for from 100 to 500 times the cost of the crude materials. The sale of the Robinson codfish plant, which is to be turned into a grain and provision warehouse, and the probable engagement of Mr. Robinson in the fishing business on a scale larger than before are also economic factors of large weight. The time has passed when Anacortes needs look forward for growth and increase in wealth and population; the era is here and now.

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