Hemingray advertised in Orient yearbook


Publication: The Easterner

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 3, no. 35, p. 4, col. 1



Represents Best Efforts of Senior

Class; Advertisers Thanked.

The 1924 Orient, the year book of our school, has now been distributed. It is a result of the efforts of the Senior Class of this year who have tried to assemble the school life of the past year in some form that may be preserved for years to come, and we hope that each student may look back upon it with fond memories.

We, the Seniors of '24, are very grateful to the student body as a whole and to the faculty for the hearty co-operation which they have shown toward us in the publication of this annual.

There is another group of people that is largely responsible for the successful publication of The 1924 Orient, and that group consists of the many business men of Muncie who have taken advertising space in the annual. We hope that each and every student will not forget to read the advertisements of these men who are boosting us and that we, in turn, boost them. Below is a list of the advertisers in The 1924 Orient:

The Leather Shop, Grouleff & Mauck Lumber Co., King Clothing Co., The Posey Shop, General Motors, New York Hat Co., French Steam Dye Works, Hotel Roberts, Campbell Ice Cream & Milk Co., The Elks' Club, A. E. Boyce Co., Muncie Malleable Foundry Co., The Sam Ringold Co., Bell Music Co., Rowlett's Chocolate Shop, W. F. Maggs, Nichols Groceteria Co., J. C. Penny Co., Walter C. Nichols, The College Pharmacy, Otto Sellers, W. H. Ballard & Son, Enterprise Cab & Auto Service, Central Indiana Gas Co., Retz Sport Shoppe, Dawson Sales Co., John C. Banta, American Cafe, J. M. Kidwell & Son, Muncie Exhibitors Association, Farling's Candy Shoppe, %%Hemingray Glass Co.,%% Evers' Laundry, Indiana State Normal School, The Service Shop, Pearson Piano Co., Bake-Rite, Reed's News Stand, Normal Book Store, Littleton Studio, The People's Studio, George H. Maggs, Muncie Merchants Association, Chas. B. Kirk, Adam Traub, The Beatrice Creamery Co., Schuster Bros. O.P. O., Blease's Shoe Shoppe, Baldwin Piano Co., S. B. Denny & Son, The Miller-Wohl Co., and The Scott Printing Co.

Researcher notes:This was Ball State's student newspaper of the time
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