Harloe Insulator Company incorporates


Publication: The Scranton Tribune

Scranton, PA, United States
p. 8, col. 1

The Harloe Insulator.

Attorney D. B. Replogle has applied for a charter for the Harloe Insulation company, which will have its headquarters at Hawley, where a factory to manufacture the Harloe insulator is to be constructed at once. The company is composed of John S. Welsh, president, Hawley; Mark Tuttle, secretary, Hawley; Myron T. Snyder, Hawley; W. S. Bloes, Peckville; George E. Shay, Peckville. The capital stock of the company will be $150,000.

The insulator it is proposed to manufacture was invented by Morton Harloe, of Hawley, and has the advantage of firmly holding the wire without the assistance of the usual fasteners. It can be manufactured either from glass or porcelain.

Mr. Harloe has had the devices patented in this country, Great Britain and France.

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