Practical test of Harloe Insulator performed


Publication: The Scranton Times

Scranton, PA, United States
vol. 33, no. 102, p. 8, col. 5


Hawley, April 29. -- It is now a fact beyond doubt that the Harloe insulator plant will be erected in Hawley, and work on the same will begun soon as a site is procured. One of the minor advantages of this invention is the saving in time of applying the insulator to the arm on the pole. A practical test of this was made last Thursday afternoon on a four-mile stretch intervening Hawley and White Mills. This stretch is considered a difficult stretch to wire as the line is constantly rounding curves over inclines and descents. The two men, one of whom applied the old style insulators and one the Harloe patent, were considered about equal in alacrity and skill in that business. The result was that eight of the Harloe insulators were attached and wired while one of the old style was being completed.

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