Harloe to break ground on new factory; glass made in Elmer, porcelain in Schenectady, NY


Publication: The Wayne County Herald

Honesdale, PA, United States
vol. 71, no. 20, p. 8, col. 1




The Harloe Self-tying Insulator Co. Inc., expect to break ground for their new factory in a short time. Two factories, one located in Schenectady, N. Y., another in New Jersey, are turning out thousands of the Harloe insulators daily. The stockholders are very much gratified with the output of their New Jersey factory. Last week W. A. Gregg, secretary of the company, received an invoice of an order of 20,000 insulators that was shipped from that factory. Other shipments are made daily to all parts of the United States. The Western Union Telegraph company, who use over a million insulators a year, recently made a potent test of the strength of the Harloe insulator in their laboratory. It proved very successful and far beyond the official's expectations. At the test a piece of their standard copper wire, the breaking strain of which is about 700 pounds, was put in a testing machine afterwards placing an insulator on the wire as it would be on the line. Then the power was applied to see if the luggs could be pulled off or the glass damaged in any way before the wire broke. The insulator stood the test perfectly. The wire broke and the glass was not even damaged. Number eight wire was next used and a strain of 820 pounds was put on before a lugg snapped off. An ordinary line has a strain of about 400 pounds, thus it can be plainly seen that the insulator more than doubled the usual strain before breaking.

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Researcher notes:General Electric had a porcelain factory and was located in Schenectady, NY
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