Harloe Insulator molds made by Brook & Shields


Publication: The Wayne County Herald

Honesdale, PA, United States
vol. 71, no. 7, p. 8, col. 1




Feb. 9 -- Morton Harloe returned home Saturday from a business trip to Peckville. The Harloe Self-tying Insulator Co. Incorporated, of which Mr. Harloe is patentee, intend building a $10,000 plant with all modern and up-to-date presses, some of which were patented by Mr. Harloe. The moulds were made by Brooke and Shields, one of the oldest firms in the country. The factory will be pushed to completion as rapidly as possible and promises to be a profitable institution, and will add to to our list of manufactories one of no mean calibre, when it is in full operation.

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