Harloe Insulator Factory will be pushed to completion as rapidly as possible


Publication: The Scranton Republican

Scranton, PA, United States
vol. 37, p. 7, col. 4


The Harloe Insulator factory which will be pushed to completion as rapidly as possible has promise of being a profitable institution and will add to our list of manufactories one of no mean caliber, when it is in full operation. Several valuable patents have been granted to Morton R. Harloe, the inventor, and about a year ago the Harloe Insulator company was organized with a good subscribed capital but after some consultation it was thought best to defer the erection of a plant until the device had been given a more horough [sic] thorough test and all possibilities to a hindrance of the goods were eliminated. During this time the company have been producing the insulators under a contract with manufacturers and the success with which they have met in getting them introduced and he [sic] the demand that has been created for them into large quantities has forced the stockholders to erect their plant at once. The first annual meeting of the stockholders was held in Schardt's hall last Monday. The report of the progress of the insulator during the past year was an excellent one and the company was shown to be in a fine condition. Rev. S. C. Simpkins was chosen temporary chairman and the following directors were elected for the ensuing year: J. S. Walsh, W. A. Gregg, M. T. Snyder, Mark Tuttle, T. F. Wall, all of Hawley, William Hope, of Dover Del., and W. S. Bloes of Peckville. The directors will meet next Monday evening to organize a representative of the firm Brook & Shield of New York, was present and booked an order for four new presses with a capacity of 20,000 insulators per day, also extra sets of molds. These presses will be of special design which were invented by W. D. Brooks and Morton R. Harloe, who have taken out letters of patent on them. The patents have been assigned to the Harloe Insulator company, an effort is to be made to have the plan [sic] plant in operation by May 1. Four acres of land have been purchased a short distance north from the West Hawley Erie station.

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