Akron Marble Works shipped two car loads of marbles to the east.


Publication: Akron Daily Democrat

Akron, Ohio, United States

A Car Load of Marbles


The Dyke marble works, Steiner allotment, has just shipped a whole car load of toy marbles to New York city. Everyone of the marbles were made in South Akron. James F Loomis has purchased an interest in the works, and, it is understood, will help lift the mortgage which J.H. Dellenberger holds upon the two lots occupied by the plant. Twenty girls are now employed and they’re all making the marbles just as fast as they can.

S.C. Dyke, manager, says that two car loads of marbles have already been shipped to Boston, Buffalo and other eastern points since fall.


Keywords:American Marble Works : Akron Insulator & Marble Company : Dyke
Researcher notes:This is the predecessor to the Akron Insulator & Marble Co.
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