S. C. Dyke & Co. manufactures electric light insulators


Publication: The Summit County Beacon

Akron, Ohio, United States



S. C. Dyke & Co., manufacturers of "little brown" jugs, marbles and stoneware novelties, works on South Main, during the busy season through the Summer gave employment to 30 hands, but at present their force is light. The firm has done the largest business this year, since its organization. The making of marbles was begun this year, this company being the only American manufacturers in this industry. Samples of their product were placed on the market this week. The firm is filling a large order for electric light insulators. The capacity of the works has been doubled by the construction of an upright kiln. Morton & Estey, works in rear of the Wilmot Block, Sixth Ward, manufactures of all kinds of clay novelties, find it necessary to increase their capacity and are looking around for a suitable building site which they will purchase and on which they can erect their own kilns and shops. They will also engage in the manufacture of marbles and other specialties as soon as they can perfect their present plans.


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