Akron Potteries hold secret meeting


Publication: The Beacon Journal

Akron, OH, US
vol. 31, no. 12, p. 1, col. 6


Insulator and Marble Manufacturers

at the Buchtel


Deny That to Combine

Is Their Object

But Decline to Give Out Any


Representatives of the Akron Insulator & Marble company and the American Marble & Toy Manufacturing company, of this city, and also the Akron Smoking Pipe company, of Mogadore, and other insulator and marble and smoking pipe companies, gathered at the Buchtel hotel, Tuesday afternoon, for the purpose of holding a meeting.

All parties present exercised a great deal of secrecy and refused to make known the object of the gathering. Among those present from out of the city were G. F. Brunt, of East Liverpool, O., and F. R. Huntington, of New York.


Akron Man Talked


J. R. Hemphill, secretary of the Akron Insulator & Marble company, was asked the object of the meeting by a Beacon Journal reporter, "I cannot say just now," said he, "as it might interfere with what we have in view."

He further stated that he did not know whether a meeting would be held during the afternoon or not.

He was asked if the question of forming a combine was to be considered, "No that is not it," said he, "When the time comes I will tell you."


Other Parties Expected


Mr. Hemphill was asked if the meeting, when it takes place, is to be of a local nature. His answer was, "No, it will be local." Late in the afternoon other parties from out of the city were expected to arrive at any time.


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