Sam Dyke denies leaving Akron to elope with widow


Publication: Akron Daily Democrat

Akron, OH, US
vol. 4, no. 241, p. 1, col. 5


S. C. Dyke, in a Letter to the


Explains Away That Misunder-

standing Concerning His Leave-

Taking -- Has a Good Position

at East Liverpool.


The report that Sam C. Dyke eloped from Akron with Mrs. Clara T. Ayscue is denounced by Mr. Dyke as a canard. Read his letter:

East Liverpool, Ohio,

Hotel Grand, Jan. 25,


To the Editors of the DAILY DEMOCRAT:

Dear Sirs--Will you please state through the columns of your valuable paper that I resigned my position as superintendent of the Akron Insulator & Marble company on December 4, 1895, and that on January 13, 1896, I assumed the same position with Messrs. Brunt & Thompson's mammoth electrical goods works in this city. I have not eloped with anyone but simply came to East Liverpool, where I have a better position that I had in Akron.

Respectively, yours,

S. C. Dyke.


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