The new plant of the Electric Porcelain company now pressing tubes using S. C. Dyke's invention


Publication: Evening News Review

East Liverpool, OH, United States
vol. 18, no. 123, p. 2, col. 1



The Concern Has Many New Devices

in the Way of Labor Saving Machinery.

The new plant of the Electric Porcelain company began operation this morning in a practical way at the works on Elm street.

A few insulators and knobs were turned out last week for samples, but this is the first regular turn in the shops.

Masons began work today on the second kiln. Although the first kiln has not been fired, kiln placers will fill it in a few days when the first batch of ware will be ready for the market. S. C. Dyke is the general manager.

A presser for the tubes and knobs is a very effective piece of machinery and Mr. Dyke's invention. It is operated by a woman who can turn out 19,200 tubes in 10 hours. When it is considered that the selling prices of this ware ranges from $3.50 to $4 per thousand the value of a day's output from the machine is a large item.

A test of the insulating power of the tubes when burnt is made by immersing samples in hot water for 24 hours, after which the tubes must not have added over 2 per cent to their weight.

New process saggers are used which are an inch and a quarter in height.

Clay for the ware is the Monessen white clay, while the spar and flint are obtained from a local plant. The insulators are very brittle and hard when burned, no glaze being required.

It is claimed that two boys can get up as much ware by the exclusive process of the Electric Porcelain company as is produced in other plants with 165 men.

An effort has been made in acquiring labor saving machines in which Mr. Dyke has especial confidence.

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