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[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 81,95, col. 1



Pressed and Blown Ware Plants in the

United States and Canada.


On the following pages will be found the companies manufacturing lime and flint glassware, both pressed and blown, for all purposes. After the name of the company and the names of its officers will be found the factory capacity and the kinds of ware made.

A brief classification of principal products giving merely the name and location of companies also is included. Also appended is a list of glass decorators, including independent shops as well as manufacturers operating decorating departments.

Hemingray Glass Co., Muncie, Ind.

Philip W. McAbee, president and general manager; A. Clifford Shinkle, vice president; W. P. Zimmerman, secretary and sales manager; F. J. Lesh, auditor; C. H. Smith, purchasing agent; M. K. Holmes, chemist and engineer; M. J. Clarke, factory manager. 3 continuous tanks. Glass insulators.


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