A.L. Dyke of East Liverpool, is making arrangements to take over the Barberton plant

[Trade Journal]

Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 26, no. 24, p. 5, col. 1

A. L. Dyke, of East Liverpool, representing East Liverpool pottery interests, has been in this city in conference with Messrs. O. C. Barber, H. B. Camp and M. O'Neil, the owners of the Barberton Pottery Co.'s plant, with a view of making arrangements to take over the plant. The East Liverpool representative has made the owners a proposition whereby if the owners take $20,000 of the capital stock of the company to be organized to take over the plant that the balance of the stock would be raised outside and that the company would begin operations at once. It is the intention of the proposed company to manufacture electrical supply ware. The proposition also provides that the plant be leased for a period of ten years, with the privilege of buying the same at any time during the ten years or thereafter. The matter of taking the amount of stock is where the hitch rests, as the owners are desirous of taking some stock, yet they do not wish to acquire that much. M. O'Neil stated Thursday that he had three other offers which were being considered by him and his colleagues.


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