Suit Won by Brookfield, Elmer glass works loses case

[Trade Journal]

Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 24, no. 38, p. 2, col. 1


The Brookfield Glass Co., of Brooklyn, N.Y., deny the report published in certain papers recently to the effect that they had been unsuccessful in a suit to restrain the Elmer, N.J., Glass Works from infringing on the patent controlled by the Brookfield company. The latter claim the Elmer company have been using two forms of a machine which they call the Duffield press.   The Brookfield company brought suit to retrain the use of both on the ground that they were infringements, but the court directed that an order should be issued restraining only the use of the second form, but refused to make it apply to the first form on the ground that there was some doubts as to whether it infringed on the Brookfield company's patent. The question as to the first form of press will be determined when the final hearing takes place.


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