Muncie Fishing Clubs

Fishing Trips Following Summer Shut-Down


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Three of the Big Ones will be Off to

the Lakes This Week.


Muncie fishing clubs are getting out of the city this week. The Happy Home club members departed yesterday and will be absent the remainder of the summer. This is one of the best known organizations of the kind in the city.

The members of the Magic City Hunting and Fishing club will depart tomorrow for the lakes in the northern part of the state where they will remain for some time.

The Industry Fishing club will leave the last of the week for the northern lakes where several enjoyable weeks will be spent. Treasurer Thomas Shanahan reports that the boys will eat the best grub served in the best of style by chief cook Thomas Carrol. "Benny" Smeltzer, the boss jockey will be much in evidence. It is said that he will take an excursion on the back of some big turtle.

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