Insulator Conference with Hemingray postponed until December 28 at Covington, KY

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 25, no. 12, p. 1, col. 4



Final Decision Handed Down in Case of English Workers Will be Deported at Once. Insulator Conference Postponed Until Dec. 28 Joint Meeting Will be Held in Stevenson Building Jan. 16 Protest on Building New Bottle Plant Sustained Vote on Removal of Headquarters Received Reported That it Has Not Been Sustained.


The holiday rush doesn't seem to have struck the national headquarters of the American Flint Glass Workers' Union in Bissell block. Business has been running along in the regular routine groove during the past week. The most important happenings were the announcement of the decision in the case of the imported English workers and a statement of the result of the vote on the headquarters protest.

President T. W. Rowe this week received a communication from F. P. Sargent, commissioner general of immigration, under date of Dec. 22, informing him that the department of commerce and labor had rendered a decision in reference to the English workers, who had been imported to work in a non-union plant at Corning, N. Y. The finding of the department will be hailed with much satisfaction by union men in all lines of trade, as it is in favor of the deportation of the men and is final. Thus ends a matter that has interested thousands of glassworkers, as well as other members of organized labor, in the United States. The officers of the A. F. G. W. U. deserve hearty commendation for their untiring efforts to secure a favorable verdict in this affair. The men will be returned to England at once.

The insulator conference, which was to have been held at Muncie, Ind., Friday of last week, was postponed at the request of the Hemingray Glass Co. At the meeting the wage scale was to have been settled for the ensuing year. The date for the conference has been set for Monday, Dec. 18. It will be held at Covington, Ky. Owing to a misunderstanding the conference between the flint workers' organization and the manufacturers set for Wednesday, Dec. 16, was also postponed.

Several trade disputes which had arisen at the factories of the Chicago Flint and Lime Glass Co., Chesterton, Ind., the Fostoria Glass Co., Moundsville, W. Va., Gill & Co. and Gillinder & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa., were to have been settled at this meeting. The date for holding it has now been set for Jan. 16.

The protest on building a bottle factory at Columbus, O., which was filed by Local Union No. 41, has been sustained, but the matter has not been finally settled as yet. Considerable difference of opinion has cropped out in regard to the question and it may result in much legislation before it is finally adjusted.

According to a statement made this week by one of the national officers the protest of local Union No. 5 against the removal of the national headquarters has been defeated by a large majority. Owing to the absence of Assistant Secretary Clarke the vote has not yet been tabulated and no figures could be given. Mr. Clarke is at the bedside of his wife, who is very ill.

Secretary John Dobbins was in Lockport, N. Y., on a trade matter last Sunday. Vice President Croke was called to Washington, Pa., to settle a dispute which arose over the discharge of one of the workers. The man was reinstated.

President Rowe left Wednesday morning to adjust a few minor troubles which had arisen at Bridgeport and Bellaire, O., and had not returned at the time of going to press.


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