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Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 40, no. 21, p. 696, col. 2-3

Porcelain Insulators and Insulating

Cotton Sleeving.


Among the latest improvements in construction material for outside lines may be noticed the self-tying porcelain insulator for pin and bracket lines, and the new insulating cotton sleeving for covering conductors in making joints in cables, which are being put on the market by James. S. Barron & Company, of New York city.


Fig. 1. -- Self Tying Porcelain Insulator.


Referring to the illustrations, Fig. 1. shows a reduced engraving of the pony insulator. The rapidity with which these insulators can be put up and taken down, and the feature of their design, which makes a consequent saving in time of tying wires, are important items to be considered in estimating the costs of lines.


Fig. 2. -- Cotton Insulating Sleeves.


The manufacturers especially recommend these for army service, where rapid work is necessary both in putting up and taking down for transporting to other localities.

These self-tying insulators are made in porcelain in several sizes to accommodate the different wires used for electric light and power plants, as well as for telegraph and telephone service, and will also be furnished in glass when desired.

Fig. 2. shows some of the sizes of a woven cotton insulating sleeving. These are put up ordinarily on cones holding about ten pounds each. The linemen or repair man, in making a joint, cuts away about three inches of this tubular sleeving, carrying it back away from the bared portion of the wire, the sleeving having previously been soaked in parrafin. After the joint has been made the sleeving is drawn back over the exposed portions of the wire or cable, when the sleeving, under the solidifying of the parafin, makes an impervious jacket over the joint. These are then covered with the usual lead pipe, making a highly satisfactory insulated joint, and embodying the extra feature of being capable of very rapid application.


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