Westinghouse Glass Mfg. Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Representatives at the Monongahela, Westinghouse listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 46, no. 24, p. 30, col. 2


PITTSBURGH, December 4. THE following factories and representatives have registered at the Monongahela House for the January exhibition:

Room Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton Co., C. H. Lambie, 70 Thos. Evans Co., E. J. Adams 137 Geo. Duncan's Sons, A. C. Brown 81 Eagle Glass Co., S. O. Paull 159 Ohio Flint Glass Co., B.M. Hildreth 155 Central Glass Co., J. H. Baughman 99 Northwood Co., Harry Northwood 139 Westinghouse Glass Co., J. H. Reed 5 Co-operative Flint Glass Co., J. W. Blaney 135 A. H. Heisey & Co., W. B. Lindsay 26 Washington Glass Co., J. G. Anderson 174 Greentown Tumbler Co., Julius Braun 147 Seneca Glass Co., W. G. Bunert 176 Canton Glass Co., Jas. Bockius 95 Tarentum Glass Co., W. S. Murdock 167 Central Glass Works, Chas. B. Ott 162 Robinson Glass Co., Edward Robinson 110 Cumberland Glass Co., John Patterson 43 Gillinder & Sons, D. O. Welty 152 Toledo Glass Co., E. E. Mallory 102 Phoenix Glass Co., H. B. Whitney Riverside Glass Works, D. W. Baird 79 Keystone Tumbler Co., G. A. Malone 103 Steubenville Glass Co., W. Garrett 73

It is reported that several more glass factories will be represented, besides a number of potteries. This list does not, of course, embrace a large a number of factories having their general offices here, nor generally Pittsburgh companies. The United States Glass Co., the Rochester Tumbler Co., the Pittsburgh Brass Co., McKee Bros., Dithridge & Co., Bryce Bros., Bryce, Higbee & Co., Oriental Glass Co., Mueller Glass Staining, Co., etc., maintain exhibits at their offices.


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