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Publication: Electrical World and Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 40, no. 6, p. 230, col. 2

Insulator for High-Voltage Transmission.

It is quite natural that the progressive rise in transmission line voltage should have introduced insulation problems of no mean proportions in long-distance power transmission engineering, but, perhaps, few realize the consequent revolution that has been worked in types of pole-line insulators. As an illustration of this we show herewith a view of one of the latest types of these insulators along-side a standard glass telegraph insulator. The former is 14 inches across the hood, 11-1/2 inches high and weighs 18 pounds. The manufacturer, Fred M. Locke, of Victor, informs us that the insulator is made of a special mixture of clay known only to himself, and that it will withstand a test voltage of 160,000 and a working voltage of 80,000.


High-Voltage Transmission Insulator.



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