Live Glass Items from Canada; Diamond Flint Glass Company details; insulators mentioned

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Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 27, no. 34, p. 1, col. 4



Three Tanks and a Pot Furnace Were Being

Operated This Season by the Diamond Glass

Co. at Their Montreal Plant and Two Tanks

at Toronto - All Kinds of Glassware Produced

Except Window and Plate - Many Improvements

Are Contemplated by the Management - Changes

Will Likely be Made During the Summer Stop - Toronto Works

Want the Next Bottle Convention.


By Chas. C. Mayer.

The Diamond Flint Glass Co., of Montreal, Can., control two of the most complete glass manufacturing institutions on the continent. At Montreal they have been operating two continuous tanks of 24 rings capacity and one six ring day tank which is usually operated on amber ware, while a 14-pot furnace has been yielding a splendid production of all kinds of flint ware. The pot furnace and amber tank were put out of commission several weeks ago and the flint tank at this company's Toronto, Can., works was also placed on the non-producing list last Saturday. Unlike other glass manufacturing concerns which make a certain class of ware the distinct feature of this company is that they manufacture practically everything except plate and window glass. To do this they have not only adequate factory facilities but also the necessary skilled force and managerial ability to satisfy the native wants in glassware. It seems to be the motto of Supt. David Pugh to turn down no order if it consists of an object which can be made of glass.

Besides the reliable skilled artisans on the bench, wide mouth bottle and fruit jar machines, lid and tableware presses, finishing machines, off-hand lamp chimney, paste mold, pressed ware shops, etc., are being operated during the season at the Montreal establishment, while at Toronto a general line of green and flint ware is the bulk of the output.

The two tank furnaces at Montreal still in operation will be kept busy until the end of June. The plans of the management are to resume promptly in both the green and flint departments after the regular summer stop. Since taking charge of the plant Supt. Pugh has practically demonstrated his long and varied experience in the trade, first as a worker and later as a progressive and successful manufacturer. Under his supervision the Montreal works have made great strides and if nothing unforeseen occurs the natives will be surprised when additional plans of reconstruction and more sanitary improvements and modern conveniences are completed.

The fans have been removed from their original position and placed high above the dirt and factory impurities so that now the wind system delivers the purest of air to those about the furnace. Water jackets will be introduced to increase coolness and comfort for the men around both furnaces; the ventilation system will be changed and improved to an appreciable extent; a general cleaning up of the premises is contemplated and the necessary repairs on all the subsidiary buildings will be looked after in due time.

One distinctive feature about this company's works is that practically all the coal and raw materials for a season's run have to be secured during the summer stop. This firm's coal and sand pit at Montreal would make a dozen of any other ordinary concern. Other material bins are equally roomy. There are cutting, grinding, etching, decorating, machine and other departments; in a word, they are amply prepared to take care of the increasing demand for their output which is keeping pace with the ever increasing population of Canada.

Equally good order and system prevail throughout the Toronto works, where Ralph King is at the helm. He is ably assisted by H. Brennen, who is in charge at the present time, owing to Manager King suffering from an attack of pleurisy. It is hoped that the latter will soon be able to be at his post again.

Among the Workers in Canada.

The Toronto, Can., G. B. B. A. membership have given their delegates, J. F. Malcolmson and Geo. Lawson, explicit instruction to land next year's convention for the queen convention city on the picturesque north shore of Lake Ontario, which, it is asserted, is the most beautiful city in the Dominion. They say Toronto is bound to win on her merits, not to speak of ever-changing attractions and panoramas the visitor beholds in her vicinity.

P. E. Whelan, the Canadian executive member of the G. B. B. A., and Jeremiah Murphy are the two delegates who will represent Branch No. 18, Montreal, Canada, at this year's convention. The latter is also president of the branch; T. Murphy is vice president; E. Laneoux, recording secretary; Jos. Bernier, financial secretary; Peter Sephton, treasurer, and M. Laneoux, conductor.

Former Executive Member John Higgins operates a machine on jars and bottles in the beautiful Canadian city. - Thos. Amey works a stopper press. - The old war horse F. W. Coote and G. W. Moyle, from Everett, Pa., and Wm. Doughty, from Sharpsburg, are turning out screw neck mineral bottles. This trio has not lost a day since the fire started. - Pat Whelan and J. Murphy are a strong team on the green tank. - Pat Doyle works on the same furnace. He will be out of his time when the present season closes. - Eugene Bohemier gathers for Gulle Laprrier making insulators. - Peter Sephton and Jos. Jones work together. They have clung to Montreal for many years and are contented there.

Other prominent Montreal works are Jas. Faragher, from Hamilton, Can.; Thos. S. O'Hara, E. R. Fordham, Chas. Middlemiss and Rud Berlage, who turns them out "Gerade wie in Deutschland" among the Montreal French and Yankees. Edward Trepanier, John Green, Geo. Laduce are working on screw neck minerals, while John Harrigan and John Hall are ending the fire on the flint tank. - J. L. Laneoux and M. Laneoux are among the green ware producers. - Jos. Bouthillier is one of the progressive packers.

M. M. Connelly, formerly of Everett, Pa., is in charge of the works on the night shift. Mr. Connelly has had more than his share of rheumatic troubles, but is now gaining in health and is again moving about with his usual briskness. - Don Lamont is the gentleman who looks after the shipping and other departments.

Montreal, Can., flint glassworkers elected the following delegates: A. McKay, machine and punch department; J. O'Neal and P. Kennedy, chimney department. It is to be hoped that these gentlemen will be able to put the differences between Local Union No. 24 and the Diamond Flint Glass Co. intelligently before the convention in order that an amicable settlement may speedily follow. The Diamond Flint Glass Co. will put their flint department in operation again early next season and all hope to see the members of Local Union No. 24 back in their respective positions. The present officers of the local are: P. Kennedy, president; Peter Dunn, vice president; P. J. Finn, financial secretary; E. Walch, corresponding secretary.

Ninety per cent of the local's membership are said to be employed at various occupations. Jas. Healy, for instance, is said to have transformed himself into an electrician; P. Fogarty is keeping busy moving, while Thos. Bates has embarked in the insurance business. Mr. Bates has the knack of making a success of whatever he chooses to take hold.

The Dominion Glass Co., of Montreal, Can., have a small new plant in the west of the city where several of the Owens chimney machines are being operated under the management of Henry Herdt. Montreal chimney makers say the Dominion plant is manned by non-union men.

Some of the popular workers at Toronto are Howard Munn, Jerry Behan, Jas. Blythe, Robert Dillon, Milt Rankin, H. G. Schaffer, L. Schneider, Robert Clark, Jacob Bork, Chas. McNichols, Sr., F. Blakeman, J. F. Malcolmson, C. W. Clark, Robert Strain, W. B. Wilson, R. Williamson, Geo. A. Bard, W. R. Griner, V. L. Refeld, A. Day, from Hamilton; Chas. McNichols, Jr., who will spend the summer at Duluth, Minn.; E. Scott, Jos. Smith and Pat Dowd.

Howard Munn and C. W. Clark are pulling together this fire. - Jerry Behan will soon be seen in the vicinity of Sharpsburg, Pa. - Jas. Blythe will very likely soon drive his stakes near the Smoky City to tarry there during the summer stop. - H. G. Schaffer, Robert Clark, Mat Finn, John O'Donnell and Robert Davis are owners of fast motor boats that ply the waters of Lake Ontario. A race for the championship flag was scheduled to take place last Saturday. - Edward Horton is the producer gasmaker at the Toronto plant of the Diamond Flint Glass Co. - W. B. Griner is a retired G. B. B. A. member and bottle blower making his home in Toronto.


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