Gill Brothers Pot Factory - Muncie, Indiana

Makers of Clay Pots for the Glass Factories


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 15, no. 45, p. 5, col. 3 & 4


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Gill Brother's Pot Factory Now


Gill Brothers pot factory is now working full force turning out the clay pots for glass works. The rooms are large and commodious, being 100 x 200 feet, and the machinery rooms 75 x 36. The company makes nothing but clay pots for the glass works and large clay brick also needed in constructing a furnace. So exact is the work of constructing a pot, that should a small stick or thread get into the clay the whole pot would be spoiled. Some break and crack during the drying process and are torn down to be worked over again. The work of manufacturing a pot is all hand work and requires considerable skill. The factory is now working in the neighborhood of 50 hands. A large engine is in place to run the clay crushers and other different machines used in the process. The clay used comes from Missouri and Germany.

Fifteen hundred feet of new hose have been purchased since the water works is to be extended past the factory.

Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan will leave for Covington, Ky., tonight where they will visit with friends. Mr. S. was employed at Hemingray.

On Thursday next the fires go out in all of the glass factories for the entire heated term. The shut-down will last for two months. A great majority of the boys will visit the summer resort and former homes.

The losses in the recent fire are being adjusted today. The work will not be completed until next month.


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