Hemingray Glass Company - Employee

Thomas Doring - Attacked in the Dark


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Thomas Doring Struck By Some Person

A Bloody Affair.


A peculiar affair happened on last Saturday evening, in which Thomas Doring, an employee of the Hemingray Glass Co., came out second best and is now nursing a very sore head.

Dennis Collins, also an employee of the Hemingray works, was returning from the city, when he happened to see the inanimate form of a man by the roadside near the saloon of John Weisse, on Macedonia avenue. He made an investigation, finding Doring whom he well knew, insensible, suffering from a badly cut head. The man was picked up and placed on a street car and conveyed to the office of Drs. Kemper & Cowing. The latter gentleman was called and made an examination. An abrasion of the scalp was disclosed which covered a space of probably two square inches. One of the branch arteries on the back of the head had been severed and Doring was covered with blood from his head down. His wounds were dressed and the victim was taken home. He was interviewed by a HERALD man but refused to say anything regarding the affair further than to intimate that he had been in a fight with someone. He stated that he was tired of being imposed upon by a gang of toughs and hoped that they would either kill him or let him alone.


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